Sunday, July 26, 2020

His Purposes

So much is happening in and around and through us.  Will you retreat and watch, or will you avail yourself and participate in His glory?

The vessel that He gives me,
so perfect and so pure,
I must take the greatest care of it
so that it may endure!
I must use it for His glory while
I answer His great call;
the gift that He has given me--
for it is meant for all!

The gifts that He gives--be it

money, talent, time or 'thing'
weren't meant for this man to retain
but for joy to ALL to bring!
And such can be done only as
I empty out each day
KNOWING that He will refill
each step along the way!

The 'vessel' that is this man, though

imperfect be at times,
He uses anyway and, somehow,
every effort rhymes!
Avail yourself unto Him and see
if it not be true.
You'll be surprised at all the
miracles that HE can do!

You are not your own if Jesus Christ is your Savior.  You are His and He will use you in ways that you could never imagine!  Stand back, stand up and say "HERE AM I, LORD, SEND ME!"


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