Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Her Sacrifices

The day off from work.
Does that REALLY mean OFF from work?  No!
I had to do several chores around the house so I could het away FINALLY find some new HOT WHEELS!
It was well worth it, however, as I got to spend those precious hours conversing with her and seeing God's great creation as she drove us along!
As she drove and we talked, God gave me some words to share that pertain to each one of us...

"Oh make us more like YOU, oh Lord;

oh make us more like You!
Help us to understand each other
like we're supposed to do.
The fetters that so bind us...
the error of our ways...
help us to shed the same that we
may so adopt YOUR ways!

Yes, make us more like You, oh Lord,

that we may get along.
Oh make our voices harm no one,
and harmonize in song!
Too long have we demanded ways
that are not always fair;
too long have we grown 'comfortable'
with things that are 'unfair.'

PLEASE make us more like You, oh Lord,

and put each other first.
The 'way of this world.' it abounds,
but it CAN be reversed!
We only must set 'ME' aside,
and seek the best for ALL!
No 'class,' no 'race,' no 'generation' 
can deny such call!

Yes, my wife set aside most of what she had planned today to accommodate MY desires.  i am so blessed!  God gifted me with something far more valuable that 'the latest Hot Wheels.'  He blessed me with a wife who will drop anything to try and please me.  I love you so much, Debby Busby, and thank you for 39 amazing years of "Life!!"  (And thank you for driving us everywhere!)


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