Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gift of Freedom

So gifted, so wealthy, so incredibly blessed we are to live in this country!  If you are reading these words, please include a prayer of thanks to God this day as you celebrate for the liberty that we have...'s a priceless gift
that's realized by so few.
is that because, to such as we,
it never has been 'new?'
or is it because we're also free
to be apathetic?
How any dare to savor such
and be 'patriotic?'

Gifted we be with the freedoms

that we so enjoy.
May we be careful so that
gratitude we would employ
unto The God providing such--
for it is borne of His great love
and meted by His touch!
Sure, we've had to fight for such,
and some be yet in strife
for the liberties we know
that cost many a life!
Have I ever realized this
while going through the day?
I need to stop daily and, 
for the embattled, pray!

The precious gift of freedom--for

we celebrate it so!
And we keep in heart the many that,
said freedoms, are yet to know!
NEVER take for granted just
how gifted this country be.
God alone to set the stage
for our precious liberty!

"Thank You, Lord, for the freedoms we enjoy.  We thank YOU, Lord, because we know that it is only by YOUR direction that the founders could have come up with our way of life.  Please help those, Lord, that are yet to know such precious freedom!


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