Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Get together

As time goes we seems that 'life' has a way of taking loved ones and putting them further and further away from one another to find success.
Said thought occurred to me as I beheld the glory of His creation today...

The red oak standing guard,
so weathered and so hard,
is leaning to the east
but giving not the least!
I notice, in Our walk,
the slant of its great stalk!
Still, though, its massive shade--
an oasis has it made
for every kind of beast
and bird--not in the least!

Another day alive.

The city is to thrive
but minus this man today,
as I will stay away
and enjoy sweet family,
as, together, would we be
if but for this one day
apart from 'holiday;'
watching trees that lean,
so peaceful and serene,
and visiting with God-
His creation to applaud!

We all have successful careers in different cities in different states.  BUT NOT TODAY!  Today we gather as family, if but only for a little while, and fellowship together.  What a gift! 
I rose today and took note of the glorious morning that God created.  He made the day beautiful for travelling, so all the children could arrive and we could savor one another's company...if only for a few hours.  GOD IS SO GOOD!


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