Monday, June 1, 2020


So many things have been revealed by us/in us/through us in recent times, and not all of it has been good.  What do you truly want to be seen in you?

Regardless of events, The Truth remains.
The world--it is experiencing pains!
We have emotions, each of us, one and all,
and, into the gamut of them do we fall.
Do we, therefore. avoid the ones we fear?
No!  We can FACE THEM knowing Christ is near!
Him Who is all, over and above,
is constantly surrounding us with love!
The settled truth is: Love will ALWAYS be.
O let Him gird and guide us constantly.
In solace or in unrest He will guard;
your character--it does not have to be scarred!

Truth--it does not fluctuate or wane.

It's complicated, while being yet so plain!
Anxiety cannot affect its way,
and 'protest' will not, yet more truth, convey.
"Violence as solution?"  Surely not!
For Truth, the final word, has surely got.
Truth is JESUS CHRIST--The Living Word--
in Himself has everything occurred.
So, in Him, ALL solutions may we find;
they that see Him not are sorely blind!

Truth--He is forever, He is life!

He is our escort THROUGH whatever strife!
He is our Joy inside a world unsound,
and in His Word, alone, such truth be found!

People seeking truth...people wanting truth...people DEMANDING truth...Some genuinely seek it, others just want something to do.  BUT GOD wants us to have Truth alive inside of us and live by His lead!  What is it that YOU want?


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