Friday, June 12, 2020

Truest Colors

The truest colors of one's heart seem to surface in the greatest time of need or distress.  So it is it was in Jesus' day:

The ill that dwells within a heart--
some surfaces in stress.
You come to know one's true colors
in times of duress.
In those moments, others tend
to very brightly shine;
one takes advantage, the other helps--
is this of God's design?

I need assistance to great lengths--

so many then appear,
but when it's time to DO the job
so many disappear!
The few remaining give their all
until the task is done--
it shouldn't be that way if we
are equal, we are one!

Jesus saw the same in his day,

even at his worst.
Those close to Him argued apart
which of them be the first!
Folks came to Jesus all the time,
He ministered to all,
but in HIS distress there were
so few that He could call!

We must do better at keeping our word.

We must make sure our brother is clearly heard!
We must trust The Spirit to help us discern;
for only THEN, true empathy, will we learn.

May each of us be careful and concerned about one another, and may INTEGRITY come to the forefront of life once again...EACH of our lives!


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