Saturday, June 13, 2020


There is only One.  That's not a very 'popular' thing to say in the days that are, but God never said that 'Truth' would be 'popular,' did He?

There is One that will not ever disappoint.
The only One that God has said He did anoint.
Though so massive be the volumes man would say,
Christ, alone, can so declare "I Am The Way!"
Sometimes, futile be the study of other men.
For Christ is NOW!  All others, they are THEN.
For Jesus Christ--He is immune from 'time;'
and His wonder be the greatest paradigm!
And His love for all continues to amaze!
He is not a 'fad,' a 'ritual' or a 'phase!'
For He is eternal!  And He wants us to be!
Just give Him your heart and, Heaven, you will see!
Ah, but until then, He will love, guide and protect,
as His love contains a numberless aspect!
For He sees beyond all color, sex or race,
and He connects us all through His great grace!

Yes, only ONE there be to NEVER disenchant.

With Christ within, there will never be "I can't!"
He enables you in every step of this life,
and escorts you to the next where there's no strife!

Yes, there is One.  Only One.  JESUS!  Some call that 'offensive.'  Some call that 'intolerant.'  The Bible calls it TRUTH!


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