Thursday, June 25, 2020

There are STILL moments!

In spite of what we see and hear in a barrage of information from too many sources, there are STILL moments to be captured, savored and enjoyed.  In fact, the same be a NECESSITY!

Beyond the trees, so radiant

with colors, life and motion,
be the tranquil waters of
the early evening ocean;
the same to seem to still all life
regardless of the pace;
and I am caused to pull aside
in a 'deserted' place.
I park the car and halt the schedule
that be such a rush,
lean back and take the wonder in,
savoring the 'hush!'

From the side of this hill there

is so much to take in!
The Lord joins me and we converse
about how life has been.
Yet briefly, though, as He knows all,
and points out everything
that seems so unaffected by
events now happening.
For God, He knew I needed this place
on this very road
to forget, if only briefly,
this life's current load,
and to enjoy His handiwork
so majestically displayed
in the ever-constant ocean
that, by His hand, was made!

A 'quick' trip up the coast to a meeting with client.  Interrupted?  No way!  I will enjoy such 'distractions' as often as He deems necessary!  HE KNOWS this man's heart better than anyone, and I KNOW that, as I follow His lead, success will always follow!


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