Sunday, June 21, 2020

THE Father's Love!

We all have fathers.  Some of us have had the pleasure of having wonderful ones!  There is One Father, however, Who is Perfect, and He avails His love to any who ask for it...

What is a love that cannot be affected...
a love that cannot waver, cannot wane...
what is a love that comes without condition?
It is the love of God--so very plain!
O but far from 'plain,' the love that God has for us!
It surpasses anything that's understood!
His arms, for they are constantly around us;
and His every thought toward us, it is good!

That love that, by no thing, can be affected

is showered on us ever from the height!
And each and all of us have so much of it
that we can share it freely with delight!
For there is a world that starves for such attention
unknowing of a Father, perfect so;
and it is up to each and all His children
to make sure those people clearly come to know!

It is NOT a service, a sermon or just a message,

it is a precious gift and way of life!
That love is the ONLY thing that will sustain us
and get us through each day--whatever strife.
What is a love that cannot be affected?
The love of God the Father for us all!
Obtain that love and trust in it for yourself
by saying "YES!" to Holy Spirit's call!

It is available.  It is free.  There is no limit to it, and it is ready and waiting just for YOU!  It's not just the love from A father, it's the love from The Perfect Father!  Let nothing hinder you from seeking Him!


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