Sunday, June 7, 2020

That Wonderful Job!

One more day starting out.  One more opportunity minister to others.  Already have I been with God, now I get to go encounter the scope of emotion known as 'people!'  And I love it!  What's wrong with me?!

Shadows shorten as the morn
continues to progress.
Already has He visited,
already has He blessed.
But blessings yet continue as
I look across the land;
the glory of His handiwork--
how many understand?

The sentinels asway as I

proceed to labor's point.
I know what is awaiting there,
as afore did He anoint!
I go there but to minister
to bless and to resolve;
and success will surely come as I,
His attributes, involve!

It's not an 'occupation,'

it is a ministry!
I get to work with others, and 
they have opportunity
to see God with their eyes as I
display Him through the day.
The fulness of His spectacle--
may such be on display!

As I am in groups and listen to others speak of their jobs, it is not usually with excitement, expectation and anticipation.  But I am blessed!  He has blessed me with an enjoyment of what I do and an employer that appreciates their staff!  Find for yourself such a place to work, or it will certainly take its toll on you!


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