Monday, June 29, 2020

Staunch Reality

Jesus associated with everyone.  Even the hated, the rejected, the ones no one wanted anything to do with.  Do WE do the same?  
When I have 'enough' Jesus, will I continue to seek Him?  
When I have read the Bible enough, will I stop opening it up each day?  Hmm....

The hated...the rejected...the criminal...

even the 'handicapped,' the sick...
anyone who is 'different' and
doesn't fit into my 'clique...'
have I avoided even those 
who have 'different' faces?
I thought the love of God the Father,
such as this, erases?
Sure, there is a change of life
with 'born again' to start,
but I must also 'choose' to love
to have a change of heart!
And that TRUE change necessitates
not 'labeling' as above;
regardless what you look like, my first
feeling should be LOVE!
For if I am to be like Christ
in everything I do,
'stereotypes' and 'labels,' they
must all become taboo!
For I have qualities you want,
and YOU contain the same!
How bold to move beyond 'ourselves'
and glorify God's Name!

Every one of us has a need for God...AND FOR EACH OTHER!  We cannot fulfill that need if we are arguing, fighting and protesting!  Sure, there is a time for debating issues, but loving and accepting one another should NOT be one of those issues.


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