Sunday, June 14, 2020


Sunday afternoon.
A long, busy week of life that contain the spectrum of emotion.  Can I get away for awhile?  Of course I can.  God has a time for all things, and I know the place He made for me to go...

Tucked between the rolling hills,

so verdant and so live,
there is a river shoreline waiting
for me to arrive!
Beneath the blue and billows that
are on display above,
the river rushes past as there
awaits the King of Love!
And there is Jesus--smiling, motioning
for me to join Him there!
He makes appointments for escape
from everything and everywhere.
This time, it be upon the shore
with just the water's rush;
and oh so welcome is His visit
and the roaring 'hush!'

Your life has been the same, I know;

you need to get away.
So often, it's not very far,
but that call you must obey!
It's necessary to renew
the physical and mental;
and moments like these, so very real,
they are not accidental!

God is fully aware of all that is going on everywhere at all times.   Our stressing about it, joining it or dreading it does not change that truth in the least!  What DOES change, however, is YOU when you obey His lead and find that quiet place!


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