Saturday, June 27, 2020


"I looked and saw every man in every place and behold: wickedness abounded!"

"O cast me not away, O Lord,
retain me as Your Own!
As Your friend and servant is
this man already known;
and also as recipient
of mercy, grace and love
that flows without a limit from
the throne room high above!
BUT LORD, may I be known as well
as a friend to all;
someone they can talk to, laugh with,
cry or even call!
And when they do, may YOU be heard
in every exchange;
for  this world is desperate for an ear,
and DYING for a change!

But cast US not away, o Lord,

though we may not behave.
We need You to embrace us, change us,
we need You, Lord to save!
Though our actions and our attitude
they may say otherwise,
we need You more than ever, lord--
Jesus Christ, most wise!"

We seek that which is most necessary in the awfullest of places...we turn to idols and 'things' seeking that which only Jesus Christ alone can provide!  God forgive us!  Surely we must repent corporately, but it takes an individual effort on each person's part to exact the change that is so desperately needed, and that change comes from only ONE place: JESUS CHRIST!


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