Monday, June 15, 2020

Painful Times

Troubling times we are living in.  Issues that some thought were settled centuries ago have reared their ugly head once more, and TOO MANY people have bought into it!  Even some of GOD'S people!

There's no injustice that won't be fixed

when Jesus does return!
There are so many things in life
for which we deeply yearn.
For there are even many things
for which we protest now,
but yearning for Him to return
should be foremost somehow!!

He makes such glorious days in which

we march and call for change!
He makes the sun to shine so we
can have such interchange.
He even gives us life and breath--
on WHAT do we spend such?
We should be helping one another,
offering a touch!
Rather, we use such precious gifts
to divide, hate, and destroy,
then when we're done, we turn to Him 
His forgiveness to employ?

"Oh God, forgive me.  I have sinned

in cheapening Your gift,
when I could have used that precious time
in defusing this great rift!
O cleanse my heart, Lord, send me forth
with words and deeds that heal;
Your love, Your grace for EVERY person
may ever I reveal!!"

God is not blind, but His great love is!  O may every person with Jesus Christ in their heart so display that saving love in and amongst a people that are so in need of knowing that love!  Like it or not, the latter folks are closer than we think, and WE have what they need inside of us.


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