Wednesday, June 24, 2020

More Signs of the Times?

Integrity.  Accountability.  Empathy.  BUT THIS IS AMERICA!  I can do and say whatever I want to!!  Really?

"Press on...without regard...without restraint!"

In such lifestyle, 'accountability' there ain't!
What happens when 'authority' goes wrong?
Such results be detrimental, and they be long!
Is such the result of 'liberty' in this life?
Is this what happens when, absent, be all strife?
Such should NOT be!  And, accountable, are each
to a Higher Power that no 'policy' may reach!

Regardless of your politics, beliefs or race,

there are morals, rules and consequences to face.
For there is ONE God, and He is aware of ALL;
and there is one day that each of us will receive His call.
There is not one, not anyone, with a free pass.
We will ALL give account for what our lives amass!
Every word and thought and deed that we have done
are before they eyes of God and His Perfect Son.

Does that affect any perspectives that you contain?

For God's Word declares His judgment very plain!
Our motives and our intentions, one and all,
in the spotlight of His Word they each do fall.
See to it thus, my friend, that your heart is pure,
lest, His wrath and indignation, you must endure
and miss the Paradise He has for His Own!
By integrity, truth and grace may we be known!

The Bible speaks of and warns us about spiritual wickedness in high places.  However, it is just as simple for such to occur in the 'every day,' even in the sanctity of being by yourself!  Guard your heart!  Guard your thoughts and set a watch upon your lips.  For time is short!


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