Tuesday, June 9, 2020

More Goodness!

So is the cry of the world.  So is the cry of of certain groups in the days that are.  But what is it REALLY that we need more of?

"More of goodness, Lord, we need!
O Spirit, come and intercede!
Overwhelm and overtake
all that about us that is fake!
And that inside our hearts, so real,
make that which truly does appeal 
unto YOUR heart, that men may know
that there IS Life!  O make it so!!

More of goodness in the day,

and less distractions that would sway
our time, emotion and tendencies--
o Lord, we need much less of these!
But goodness needs to be a gift
to one another, for to lift
and edify our brother man
as long and often as we can!

Lord, more of goodness, less TV,

less distraction, less of ME!
More understanding one another,
more treating each as friend and brother!
It's possible, Lord, this I know.
If it were not, you would have told us so!
But more of YOU, Lord, most of all!
Only then to truly fulfill Your call!"

The world cries out for more.  The heart cries out for more.  Appetites cry out for more.  Certain groups cry out for more.  But what is it that is considered 'more?'  Every person must do introspection, and the answer can only be found in God!


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