Monday, June 22, 2020

Let HIM Lead!

Even in a pandemic, there are some of us who have to travel to places we have not been to before.  Being where I am and doing what I do, I see such folks every day.  One came
through my line today and told me how refreshing it was to meet someone with my attitude, and thanked me for brightening her day...and I was just being 'me!'

Attitude is everything

in what you are assigned.
It's possible to contain a song,
even if you're confined.
And who knows what effect it has
on that which is around?
But YOU be all the better when
your attitude is sound!

Not always are the days 'ideal'

as we plod along;
but greater the results each day
when you contain a song!
And Christ within--He is that source
of constant melody,
regardless of the world about
or your own malady!
Great is your reward as you
display His eternal joy;
and easier the task as you,
His qualities, employ!

Yes, attitude is everything,

especially in THIS day;
commit yourself unto His ways,
and goodness you'll convey!

Whatever you do, it IS possible to do it with joy and a song in your heart.  You never know who or what it may affect!

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