Tuesday, June 16, 2020


We are one.
We are all one.
O when will we grasp the truth that, while God equips us to survive, we still need one another and depend on each other?

I watch the tragedies upon the news;
I listen as the learned give their views;
I see the grief and pain that others feel,
but do I truly heed to their appeal?

An ambulance flies past me on the street.
I pray for the one that they are going to treat.
But, at the same time, do I celebrate
that it's not me or one to whom I relate?!

I see the trials that my brothers are going through.
Does it affect me the way it's supposed to do?
For if I do not feel their pain and accordingly react
then I am just as guilty as those who do the act!

"O God, affect me in ways that I will affect
the attitudes that foster pain and disrespect
that seem to be so rampant in days that are--
why is it that we have not come very far?!
I need a heart, a new heart, Lord, from You!
For only then will I have the proper view
that it takes to love without bias or bigotry--
it is a heart that only YOU can give to me!"

Yes, only God can provide that heart.  The heart it takes to have empathy, to relate, to understand and to love PROPERLY!  Have you got the courage to ask for such a heart?

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