Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Guardians with root!

'Here I go.  Off again to get something done that someone wants yesterday...'  For a lot of people, that is a way of life.  But I know a MUCH better way...

The sentry standing guard across the land.
It's variety--but who could understand?!
Producing wonder at each striking glance;
to capture their effect--have I a chance?

The glory and the wonder of the trees--
but each day am I captured so by these!
They come in every color, shape and size,
and, always, they're a treat unto the eyes!
They wave at me with just the slightest breeze...
they dance in storms and stand their guard with ease...
they give me shade when I'm caught in the heat...
without them, landscapes seem so incomplete!
"And Father, only YOU can make those trees
with such variety and colors that so please!
With gratitude to You we so behold
their beauty majestic with seasons to unfold!!"

Too many of us rush about the day, driving right past these majestic creations without even taking note.  What a waste!  Slow down!  Note the beauty that He instills in each of those glorious trees!

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