Saturday, June 20, 2020

George Busby

The middle of June.  Thinking of daddy once again.  No, this is not the only time he comes to mind, I think about him every day, and miss him terribly!

"I remember riding on your shoulders

even when you were wore out...
your rugged hands, they held my own
when we would venture out...
you helped me with my math homework--
skills I never knew you had!
Respectfully, most folks called you "Buzz,"
but I got to honor of calling you "Dad."

I never heard you complain about

the task that had to be done;
instead, you always gave invitation:
"Wanna come help me with this, son?"
I learned so much by watching, listening,
and even fetching your tools;
you made sure the three of us had enough
to not appear to be fools!
(Had I paid closer attention to
the skills that you tried to hone,
I would sure be a much more wealthy man--
from just car repairs alone!!)
But daddy, I be a much wealthier man
in the values and the love that I gleaned
by being in your presence for all those years,
and such CANNOT be 'machined!'

So daddy, as I wipe the teardrops

and try to finish this accolade,
I hope your looking down and seeing the difference
that, in this temporary life, you have made
not just on your son, but upon everyone
that you affected in this place!
We all be the richer for having memories of you
that not even time can ever erase!"

It is the prayer of this man that each one reading these words can say the same about their father.  May he have been more than just a 'father,' may you have truly had a 'dad!'


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