Wednesday, June 10, 2020

First Fruits

Early, early.  Before the paper attempts to sway me, before the news on TV distracts...even before the internet has its way with emotion, Jesus is waiting to walk with me.  He knows all that I need to combat the distractions...

He has my full attention--I am His Own;

Everything throughout today is known;
He has exactly what I will require
to strengthen me, to break through and acquire!

There are so many treasures on the path

that can be missed if I succumb to wrath.
There are many rewards for focusing ahead,
and all that I must do is to be led!

The world acquires new tactics every day

to entice the devout apart from the Narrow Way.
So subtle and so innocent some may be--
so are the tactics of the enemy!

O be not embezzled of the greater good

that comes as we accomplish what we should!
For God avails them to us constantly.
Let not the 'necessary' bid us flee!

Yes, life is requiring a lot from us these days.  But we cannot allow it to rob us of the wonders and gifts that freely flow from God!  Do all that you must as best as you can, but take pleasure also in all that He makes available!


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