Wednesday, June 3, 2020

By the roadside...

A brief break from the busyness...the controversy...the last!  I pull to the side of the road and look out across the panorama...

Aaah...summer welcomes as I rest

and gaze across the hills!
So great be His creation that
so entertains and thrills!
The breeze that whispers is enough
to recharge and refresh;
and everything in sight combines
to absolutely bless!

Creator God creates distraction 

for a little while.
Causation (for the ones aware)
to look around and smile.
The glory and the majesty
of vision--simple so;
only the appreciative
can truly come to know!

Gazing out across creation

from 'nowhere at all.'
Oh, but every sense engrained,
such vision, to enthrall!
Find this place inside YOUR day
and surely take it in!
To be amazed, engrossed and blessed--
for some, too long it's been!

Too easy be it to get caught up in the duties that are, the drama that is, and the speed of life that we neglect sacred moments of simplicity.  Do your best to not ignore such, however hectic daily life may be!


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