Friday, June 19, 2020

Breath of Fresh Air!

Yes, a breath of fresh air!  That's what it feels like when someone tells you that they will do something and they actually follow through with it!  Unfortunately, with a lot of people, that is a lost art...

You gave your word.  You did the job.

You even went beyond!
You followed the agreement as if
it were your seal and bond!
You did what was expected, even
going the extra mile--
such as this, it pleases God,
it even makes Him smile!

You did all this--though such is 

o so rare this day and age.
Regardless who was watching, you
made 'quality' your gauge!
Uncommon be such practices,
(though such should be the norm!)
Such would seek mere 'quantity,'
and not, to 'best,' conform!

Refreshing and so good to see

in these so 'busy' days.
has so become life's phrase!
But few still stick to 'quality'
and standing by their word.
Make certain such be recognized
and God will be seen and heard!

Thank you for doing an outstanding job today.  You know who you are!  God will reward you bountifully, and you will be highly recommended to others who seek such quality and hold to such high standards.


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