Thursday, June 18, 2020

Behind the Scenes

In this day and age, we are transported live to events as they unfold all over the world.  That said, the naked eye could argue that God has nothing to do with this place!  On the contrary...

In realms we cannot fathom

activities go on;
they so affect our daily lives,
and time--it is there gone!
We cannot comprehend this, as
Perfection is The Way--
For He is God, and He is good
and HE contains the day!
Though life, it may scream otherwise,
He sees and He's aware.
Due events of late some argue
that He does not care.
BUT GOD, He cares, He loves, protects
and spurs us to press on
with blest assurance that, all stress,
eventually be gone!

Yes, in realms we cannot fathom,

all issues are resolved;
but in the here-and-now they are,
and God wants to be involved!
Invite Him into Your each moment,
seek His guiding hand,
follow HIS heart, step-by-step,
and HEALED shall be our land!

Yes, God is involved.  God cares.  He does not necessarily APPROVE of all that is happening, but He is aware, and ALL will be compensated for when He returns!


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