Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ah...at last!

A moment set aside by Him for me to unwind.  He knows exactly when and where we need it, and the place He chose today is so beautiful...

Overcast the afternoon to be;

regardless, there is o so much to see!
The leaves, they shimmer in the winds that are,
and deer be grazing on the meadow afar.
What a glorious view here on the deck!
Day is done and no chores are to beck.

So necessary is this precious time

to relax and spend with God--so very prime!
Just a moment to shut out the speed of life,
escaping all the issues and the strife,
to visit with the One Who knows all things--
what refreshing and renewal this time brings!
Don't forget to do the same in YOUR own day,
lest life overtakes you on the Narrow Way.
For God understands and so creates this place
out of the abundance of His grace,
and He fills it with creation to commune,
as He knows that, from the stress, NONE be immune!

Find this place wherever you are, whoever you are.  For God is fully aware of all things at all times, and He WANTS you to cast those cares upon Him.  He can handle it all.  We cannot!  Enjoy the rest.  Enjoy the view.  And thank Him for it constantly!


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