Friday, June 5, 2020

Absolute Truths

How much of this life can you point to and say "That is absolute and will never change?"  Listen to some of God's words...

"Be there a pit so deep I cannot reach?
Be there a barrier I cannot breech?
Be there a night so dark I cannot shine?
Never!  You belong to Me!  You're mine!
I know the times and seasons constantly.
I know the very days in which you be.
I know all things.  Yes, even that 'unknown.'
O fear ye not, My child.  You are My own!
For I have numbered each and all your days.
Regardless of the world and its ways,
your life will NEVER be out of My sight!
Repeat these truths and, in such, take delight!"

If there is one thing we need in the days that are it is assurance.  God's promises are yea and amen, and nothing in this life can change them!  Cling to His Word, go forth boldly in HIS wisdom and you WILL succeed!


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