Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ah...at last!

A moment set aside by Him for me to unwind.  He knows exactly when and where we need it, and the place He chose today is so beautiful...

Overcast the afternoon to be;

regardless, there is o so much to see!
The leaves, they shimmer in the winds that are,
and deer be grazing on the meadow afar.
What a glorious view here on the deck!
Day is done and no chores are to beck.

So necessary is this precious time

to relax and spend with God--so very prime!
Just a moment to shut out the speed of life,
escaping all the issues and the strife,
to visit with the One Who knows all things--
what refreshing and renewal this time brings!
Don't forget to do the same in YOUR own day,
lest life overtakes you on the Narrow Way.
For God understands and so creates this place
out of the abundance of His grace,
and He fills it with creation to commune,
as He knows that, from the stress, NONE be immune!

Find this place wherever you are, whoever you are.  For God is fully aware of all things at all times, and He WANTS you to cast those cares upon Him.  He can handle it all.  We cannot!  Enjoy the rest.  Enjoy the view.  And thank Him for it constantly!


Monday, June 29, 2020

Staunch Reality

Jesus associated with everyone.  Even the hated, the rejected, the ones no one wanted anything to do with.  Do WE do the same?  
When I have 'enough' Jesus, will I continue to seek Him?  
When I have read the Bible enough, will I stop opening it up each day?  Hmm....

The hated...the rejected...the criminal...

even the 'handicapped,' the sick...
anyone who is 'different' and
doesn't fit into my 'clique...'
have I avoided even those 
who have 'different' faces?
I thought the love of God the Father,
such as this, erases?
Sure, there is a change of life
with 'born again' to start,
but I must also 'choose' to love
to have a change of heart!
And that TRUE change necessitates
not 'labeling' as above;
regardless what you look like, my first
feeling should be LOVE!
For if I am to be like Christ
in everything I do,
'stereotypes' and 'labels,' they
must all become taboo!
For I have qualities you want,
and YOU contain the same!
How bold to move beyond 'ourselves'
and glorify God's Name!

Every one of us has a need for God...AND FOR EACH OTHER!  We cannot fulfill that need if we are arguing, fighting and protesting!  Sure, there is a time for debating issues, but loving and accepting one another should NOT be one of those issues.


Saturday, June 27, 2020


"I looked and saw every man in every place and behold: wickedness abounded!"

"O cast me not away, O Lord,
retain me as Your Own!
As Your friend and servant is
this man already known;
and also as recipient
of mercy, grace and love
that flows without a limit from
the throne room high above!
BUT LORD, may I be known as well
as a friend to all;
someone they can talk to, laugh with,
cry or even call!
And when they do, may YOU be heard
in every exchange;
for  this world is desperate for an ear,
and DYING for a change!

But cast US not away, o Lord,

though we may not behave.
We need You to embrace us, change us,
we need You, Lord to save!
Though our actions and our attitude
they may say otherwise,
we need You more than ever, lord--
Jesus Christ, most wise!"

We seek that which is most necessary in the awfullest of places...we turn to idols and 'things' seeking that which only Jesus Christ alone can provide!  God forgive us!  Surely we must repent corporately, but it takes an individual effort on each person's part to exact the change that is so desperately needed, and that change comes from only ONE place: JESUS CHRIST!


Friday, June 26, 2020


The news comes on again.  I open up my Bible.  "There is nothing new under the sun..." says the wisest.  

Why does it take a tragedy

for me to change my ways...
why must it take a travesty
for 'progress' in these days...
why must the basic laws of God
be totally ignored?
Is it because we've shunned The Word,
dismissing Christ the Lord?

Ten simple rules--they now become

'amendments...,' hints...requests?
With common sense and courtesy
each one of us is blessed.
But do we always use them?
Where is 'The Golden Rule?'
Does that expire the moment that
we graduate from school?

"The times, they are a-changin'...'

but is the human heart?
We MUST infuse God and His love
if true change is to start!
You are no better than I am.
I am no better than you!
If we could only realize this
imagine what we could do!!

'One step forward, three steps back.'  But it doesn't have to be this way!  Each of us have within us the capability to move forward, to get along and make progress.  We cannot be FORCED to, we must DECIDE in our hearts to.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

There are STILL moments!

In spite of what we see and hear in a barrage of information from too many sources, there are STILL moments to be captured, savored and enjoyed.  In fact, the same be a NECESSITY!

Beyond the trees, so radiant

with colors, life and motion,
be the tranquil waters of
the early evening ocean;
the same to seem to still all life
regardless of the pace;
and I am caused to pull aside
in a 'deserted' place.
I park the car and halt the schedule
that be such a rush,
lean back and take the wonder in,
savoring the 'hush!'

From the side of this hill there

is so much to take in!
The Lord joins me and we converse
about how life has been.
Yet briefly, though, as He knows all,
and points out everything
that seems so unaffected by
events now happening.
For God, He knew I needed this place
on this very road
to forget, if only briefly,
this life's current load,
and to enjoy His handiwork
so majestically displayed
in the ever-constant ocean
that, by His hand, was made!

A 'quick' trip up the coast to a meeting with client.  Interrupted?  No way!  I will enjoy such 'distractions' as often as He deems necessary!  HE KNOWS this man's heart better than anyone, and I KNOW that, as I follow His lead, success will always follow!


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

More Signs of the Times?

Integrity.  Accountability.  Empathy.  BUT THIS IS AMERICA!  I can do and say whatever I want to!!  Really?

"Press on...without regard...without restraint!"

In such lifestyle, 'accountability' there ain't!
What happens when 'authority' goes wrong?
Such results be detrimental, and they be long!
Is such the result of 'liberty' in this life?
Is this what happens when, absent, be all strife?
Such should NOT be!  And, accountable, are each
to a Higher Power that no 'policy' may reach!

Regardless of your politics, beliefs or race,

there are morals, rules and consequences to face.
For there is ONE God, and He is aware of ALL;
and there is one day that each of us will receive His call.
There is not one, not anyone, with a free pass.
We will ALL give account for what our lives amass!
Every word and thought and deed that we have done
are before they eyes of God and His Perfect Son.

Does that affect any perspectives that you contain?

For God's Word declares His judgment very plain!
Our motives and our intentions, one and all,
in the spotlight of His Word they each do fall.
See to it thus, my friend, that your heart is pure,
lest, His wrath and indignation, you must endure
and miss the Paradise He has for His Own!
By integrity, truth and grace may we be known!

The Bible speaks of and warns us about spiritual wickedness in high places.  However, it is just as simple for such to occur in the 'every day,' even in the sanctity of being by yourself!  Guard your heart!  Guard your thoughts and set a watch upon your lips.  For time is short!


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Guardians with root!

'Here I go.  Off again to get something done that someone wants yesterday...'  For a lot of people, that is a way of life.  But I know a MUCH better way...

The sentry standing guard across the land.
It's variety--but who could understand?!
Producing wonder at each striking glance;
to capture their effect--have I a chance?

The glory and the wonder of the trees--
but each day am I captured so by these!
They come in every color, shape and size,
and, always, they're a treat unto the eyes!
They wave at me with just the slightest breeze...
they dance in storms and stand their guard with ease...
they give me shade when I'm caught in the heat...
without them, landscapes seem so incomplete!
"And Father, only YOU can make those trees
with such variety and colors that so please!
With gratitude to You we so behold
their beauty majestic with seasons to unfold!!"

Too many of us rush about the day, driving right past these majestic creations without even taking note.  What a waste!  Slow down!  Note the beauty that He instills in each of those glorious trees!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Let HIM Lead!

Even in a pandemic, there are some of us who have to travel to places we have not been to before.  Being where I am and doing what I do, I see such folks every day.  One came
through my line today and told me how refreshing it was to meet someone with my attitude, and thanked me for brightening her day...and I was just being 'me!'

Attitude is everything

in what you are assigned.
It's possible to contain a song,
even if you're confined.
And who knows what effect it has
on that which is around?
But YOU be all the better when
your attitude is sound!

Not always are the days 'ideal'

as we plod along;
but greater the results each day
when you contain a song!
And Christ within--He is that source
of constant melody,
regardless of the world about
or your own malady!
Great is your reward as you
display His eternal joy;
and easier the task as you,
His qualities, employ!

Yes, attitude is everything,

especially in THIS day;
commit yourself unto His ways,
and goodness you'll convey!

Whatever you do, it IS possible to do it with joy and a song in your heart.  You never know who or what it may affect!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

THE Father's Love!

We all have fathers.  Some of us have had the pleasure of having wonderful ones!  There is One Father, however, Who is Perfect, and He avails His love to any who ask for it...

What is a love that cannot be affected...
a love that cannot waver, cannot wane...
what is a love that comes without condition?
It is the love of God--so very plain!
O but far from 'plain,' the love that God has for us!
It surpasses anything that's understood!
His arms, for they are constantly around us;
and His every thought toward us, it is good!

That love that, by no thing, can be affected

is showered on us ever from the height!
And each and all of us have so much of it
that we can share it freely with delight!
For there is a world that starves for such attention
unknowing of a Father, perfect so;
and it is up to each and all His children
to make sure those people clearly come to know!

It is NOT a service, a sermon or just a message,

it is a precious gift and way of life!
That love is the ONLY thing that will sustain us
and get us through each day--whatever strife.
What is a love that cannot be affected?
The love of God the Father for us all!
Obtain that love and trust in it for yourself
by saying "YES!" to Holy Spirit's call!

It is available.  It is free.  There is no limit to it, and it is ready and waiting just for YOU!  It's not just the love from A father, it's the love from The Perfect Father!  Let nothing hinder you from seeking Him!


Saturday, June 20, 2020

George Busby

The middle of June.  Thinking of daddy once again.  No, this is not the only time he comes to mind, I think about him every day, and miss him terribly!

"I remember riding on your shoulders

even when you were wore out...
your rugged hands, they held my own
when we would venture out...
you helped me with my math homework--
skills I never knew you had!
Respectfully, most folks called you "Buzz,"
but I got to honor of calling you "Dad."

I never heard you complain about

the task that had to be done;
instead, you always gave invitation:
"Wanna come help me with this, son?"
I learned so much by watching, listening,
and even fetching your tools;
you made sure the three of us had enough
to not appear to be fools!
(Had I paid closer attention to
the skills that you tried to hone,
I would sure be a much more wealthy man--
from just car repairs alone!!)
But daddy, I be a much wealthier man
in the values and the love that I gleaned
by being in your presence for all those years,
and such CANNOT be 'machined!'

So daddy, as I wipe the teardrops

and try to finish this accolade,
I hope your looking down and seeing the difference
that, in this temporary life, you have made
not just on your son, but upon everyone
that you affected in this place!
We all be the richer for having memories of you
that not even time can ever erase!"

It is the prayer of this man that each one reading these words can say the same about their father.  May he have been more than just a 'father,' may you have truly had a 'dad!'


Friday, June 19, 2020

Breath of Fresh Air!

Yes, a breath of fresh air!  That's what it feels like when someone tells you that they will do something and they actually follow through with it!  Unfortunately, with a lot of people, that is a lost art...

You gave your word.  You did the job.

You even went beyond!
You followed the agreement as if
it were your seal and bond!
You did what was expected, even
going the extra mile--
such as this, it pleases God,
it even makes Him smile!

You did all this--though such is 

o so rare this day and age.
Regardless who was watching, you
made 'quality' your gauge!
Uncommon be such practices,
(though such should be the norm!)
Such would seek mere 'quantity,'
and not, to 'best,' conform!

Refreshing and so good to see

in these so 'busy' days.
has so become life's phrase!
But few still stick to 'quality'
and standing by their word.
Make certain such be recognized
and God will be seen and heard!

Thank you for doing an outstanding job today.  You know who you are!  God will reward you bountifully, and you will be highly recommended to others who seek such quality and hold to such high standards.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Behind the Scenes

In this day and age, we are transported live to events as they unfold all over the world.  That said, the naked eye could argue that God has nothing to do with this place!  On the contrary...

In realms we cannot fathom

activities go on;
they so affect our daily lives,
and time--it is there gone!
We cannot comprehend this, as
Perfection is The Way--
For He is God, and He is good
and HE contains the day!
Though life, it may scream otherwise,
He sees and He's aware.
Due events of late some argue
that He does not care.
BUT GOD, He cares, He loves, protects
and spurs us to press on
with blest assurance that, all stress,
eventually be gone!

Yes, in realms we cannot fathom,

all issues are resolved;
but in the here-and-now they are,
and God wants to be involved!
Invite Him into Your each moment,
seek His guiding hand,
follow HIS heart, step-by-step,
and HEALED shall be our land!

Yes, God is involved.  God cares.  He does not necessarily APPROVE of all that is happening, but He is aware, and ALL will be compensated for when He returns!


Tuesday, June 16, 2020


We are one.
We are all one.
O when will we grasp the truth that, while God equips us to survive, we still need one another and depend on each other?

I watch the tragedies upon the news;
I listen as the learned give their views;
I see the grief and pain that others feel,
but do I truly heed to their appeal?

An ambulance flies past me on the street.
I pray for the one that they are going to treat.
But, at the same time, do I celebrate
that it's not me or one to whom I relate?!

I see the trials that my brothers are going through.
Does it affect me the way it's supposed to do?
For if I do not feel their pain and accordingly react
then I am just as guilty as those who do the act!

"O God, affect me in ways that I will affect
the attitudes that foster pain and disrespect
that seem to be so rampant in days that are--
why is it that we have not come very far?!
I need a heart, a new heart, Lord, from You!
For only then will I have the proper view
that it takes to love without bias or bigotry--
it is a heart that only YOU can give to me!"

Yes, only God can provide that heart.  The heart it takes to have empathy, to relate, to understand and to love PROPERLY!  Have you got the courage to ask for such a heart?

Monday, June 15, 2020

Painful Times

Troubling times we are living in.  Issues that some thought were settled centuries ago have reared their ugly head once more, and TOO MANY people have bought into it!  Even some of GOD'S people!

There's no injustice that won't be fixed

when Jesus does return!
There are so many things in life
for which we deeply yearn.
For there are even many things
for which we protest now,
but yearning for Him to return
should be foremost somehow!!

He makes such glorious days in which

we march and call for change!
He makes the sun to shine so we
can have such interchange.
He even gives us life and breath--
on WHAT do we spend such?
We should be helping one another,
offering a touch!
Rather, we use such precious gifts
to divide, hate, and destroy,
then when we're done, we turn to Him 
His forgiveness to employ?

"Oh God, forgive me.  I have sinned

in cheapening Your gift,
when I could have used that precious time
in defusing this great rift!
O cleanse my heart, Lord, send me forth
with words and deeds that heal;
Your love, Your grace for EVERY person
may ever I reveal!!"

God is not blind, but His great love is!  O may every person with Jesus Christ in their heart so display that saving love in and amongst a people that are so in need of knowing that love!  Like it or not, the latter folks are closer than we think, and WE have what they need inside of us.


Sunday, June 14, 2020


Sunday afternoon.
A long, busy week of life that contain the spectrum of emotion.  Can I get away for awhile?  Of course I can.  God has a time for all things, and I know the place He made for me to go...

Tucked between the rolling hills,

so verdant and so live,
there is a river shoreline waiting
for me to arrive!
Beneath the blue and billows that
are on display above,
the river rushes past as there
awaits the King of Love!
And there is Jesus--smiling, motioning
for me to join Him there!
He makes appointments for escape
from everything and everywhere.
This time, it be upon the shore
with just the water's rush;
and oh so welcome is His visit
and the roaring 'hush!'

Your life has been the same, I know;

you need to get away.
So often, it's not very far,
but that call you must obey!
It's necessary to renew
the physical and mental;
and moments like these, so very real,
they are not accidental!

God is fully aware of all that is going on everywhere at all times.   Our stressing about it, joining it or dreading it does not change that truth in the least!  What DOES change, however, is YOU when you obey His lead and find that quiet place!


Saturday, June 13, 2020


There is only One.  That's not a very 'popular' thing to say in the days that are, but God never said that 'Truth' would be 'popular,' did He?

There is One that will not ever disappoint.
The only One that God has said He did anoint.
Though so massive be the volumes man would say,
Christ, alone, can so declare "I Am The Way!"
Sometimes, futile be the study of other men.
For Christ is NOW!  All others, they are THEN.
For Jesus Christ--He is immune from 'time;'
and His wonder be the greatest paradigm!
And His love for all continues to amaze!
He is not a 'fad,' a 'ritual' or a 'phase!'
For He is eternal!  And He wants us to be!
Just give Him your heart and, Heaven, you will see!
Ah, but until then, He will love, guide and protect,
as His love contains a numberless aspect!
For He sees beyond all color, sex or race,
and He connects us all through His great grace!

Yes, only ONE there be to NEVER disenchant.

With Christ within, there will never be "I can't!"
He enables you in every step of this life,
and escorts you to the next where there's no strife!

Yes, there is One.  Only One.  JESUS!  Some call that 'offensive.'  Some call that 'intolerant.'  The Bible calls it TRUTH!


Friday, June 12, 2020

Truest Colors

The truest colors of one's heart seem to surface in the greatest time of need or distress.  So it is today...so it was in Jesus' day:

The ill that dwells within a heart--
some surfaces in stress.
You come to know one's true colors
in times of duress.
In those moments, others tend
to very brightly shine;
one takes advantage, the other helps--
is this of God's design?

I need assistance to great lengths--

so many then appear,
but when it's time to DO the job
so many disappear!
The few remaining give their all
until the task is done--
it shouldn't be that way if we
are equal, we are one!

Jesus saw the same in his day,

even at his worst.
Those close to Him argued apart
which of them be the first!
Folks came to Jesus all the time,
He ministered to all,
but in HIS distress there were
so few that He could call!

We must do better at keeping our word.

We must make sure our brother is clearly heard!
We must trust The Spirit to help us discern;
for only THEN, true empathy, will we learn.

May each of us be careful and concerned about one another, and may INTEGRITY come to the forefront of life once again...EACH of our lives!


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

First Fruits

Early, early.  Before the paper attempts to sway me, before the news on TV distracts...even before the internet has its way with emotion, Jesus is waiting to walk with me.  He knows all that I need to combat the distractions...

He has my full attention--I am His Own;

Everything throughout today is known;
He has exactly what I will require
to strengthen me, to break through and acquire!

There are so many treasures on the path

that can be missed if I succumb to wrath.
There are many rewards for focusing ahead,
and all that I must do is to be led!

The world acquires new tactics every day

to entice the devout apart from the Narrow Way.
So subtle and so innocent some may be--
so are the tactics of the enemy!

O be not embezzled of the greater good

that comes as we accomplish what we should!
For God avails them to us constantly.
Let not the 'necessary' bid us flee!

Yes, life is requiring a lot from us these days.  But we cannot allow it to rob us of the wonders and gifts that freely flow from God!  Do all that you must as best as you can, but take pleasure also in all that He makes available!


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

More Goodness!

So is the cry of the world.  So is the cry of of certain groups in the days that are.  But what is it REALLY that we need more of?

"More of goodness, Lord, we need!
O Spirit, come and intercede!
Overwhelm and overtake
all that about us that is fake!
And that inside our hearts, so real,
make that which truly does appeal 
unto YOUR heart, that men may know
that there IS Life!  O make it so!!

More of goodness in the day,

and less distractions that would sway
our time, emotion and tendencies--
o Lord, we need much less of these!
But goodness needs to be a gift
to one another, for to lift
and edify our brother man
as long and often as we can!

Lord, more of goodness, less TV,

less distraction, less of ME!
More understanding one another,
more treating each as friend and brother!
It's possible, Lord, this I know.
If it were not, you would have told us so!
But more of YOU, Lord, most of all!
Only then to truly fulfill Your call!"

The world cries out for more.  The heart cries out for more.  Appetites cry out for more.  Certain groups cry out for more.  But what is it that is considered 'more?'  Every person must do introspection, and the answer can only be found in God!


Monday, June 8, 2020

"Oh God, please give me eyes!"

Watching the news...listening to the chatter...tired of the 'same old, same old...'  As Solomon put it: 'There is nothing new under the sun...'  But it doesn't have to be, and we MUST do better!

Oh tell me when the day will be

when you will look at me and see
just a person--not a color, a sex or a race?
Must I request my sight be gone
so that we may peacefully go on?
Then I would miss your beauty!  That would be disgrace!
For we must see things with the heart
lest, otherwise, we tear apart and,
with judgments and idiosyncrasies, impeach!
The vision is bias in ALL eyes,
but the truest heart can recognize
the glory and wonder God has placed within us each!

O glorious day, come ye ever so fast

that we may put this blight in our past
and leave it there and, at long last, get along!
Every one of us has a beating heart,
and regardless who we are we have a part
in creating ONE harmonious, living song!

What needs to be done has taken too long.  The same old issues get brought up.  With the same tendencies we continue to damage and destroy...one another!  We are all created in the image of God.  May we see Him when we look at one another and treat each other with what He is: LOVE!  No matter who we may be looking at.


Sunday, June 7, 2020

That Wonderful Job!

One more day starting out.  One more opportunity minister to others.  Already have I been with God, now I get to go encounter the scope of emotion known as 'people!'  And I love it!  What's wrong with me?!

Shadows shorten as the morn
continues to progress.
Already has He visited,
already has He blessed.
But blessings yet continue as
I look across the land;
the glory of His handiwork--
how many understand?

The sentinels asway as I

proceed to labor's point.
I know what is awaiting there,
as afore did He anoint!
I go there but to minister
to bless and to resolve;
and success will surely come as I,
His attributes, involve!

It's not an 'occupation,'

it is a ministry!
I get to work with others, and 
they have opportunity
to see God with their eyes as I
display Him through the day.
The fulness of His spectacle--
may such be on display!

As I am in groups and listen to others speak of their jobs, it is not usually with excitement, expectation and anticipation.  But I am blessed!  He has blessed me with an enjoyment of what I do and an employer that appreciates their staff!  Find for yourself such a place to work, or it will certainly take its toll on you!


Friday, June 5, 2020

Absolute Truths

How much of this life can you point to and say "That is absolute and will never change?"  Listen to some of God's words...

"Be there a pit so deep I cannot reach?
Be there a barrier I cannot breech?
Be there a night so dark I cannot shine?
Never!  You belong to Me!  You're mine!
I know the times and seasons constantly.
I know the very days in which you be.
I know all things.  Yes, even that 'unknown.'
O fear ye not, My child.  You are My own!
For I have numbered each and all your days.
Regardless of the world and its ways,
your life will NEVER be out of My sight!
Repeat these truths and, in such, take delight!"

If there is one thing we need in the days that are it is assurance.  God's promises are yea and amen, and nothing in this life can change them!  Cling to His Word, go forth boldly in HIS wisdom and you WILL succeed!


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

By the roadside...

A brief break from the busyness...the controversy...the chaos...at last!  I pull to the side of the road and look out across the panorama...

Aaah...summer welcomes as I rest

and gaze across the hills!
So great be His creation that
so entertains and thrills!
The breeze that whispers is enough
to recharge and refresh;
and everything in sight combines
to absolutely bless!

Creator God creates distraction 

for a little while.
Causation (for the ones aware)
to look around and smile.
The glory and the majesty
of vision--simple so;
only the appreciative
can truly come to know!

Gazing out across creation

from 'nowhere at all.'
Oh, but every sense engrained,
such vision, to enthrall!
Find this place inside YOUR day
and surely take it in!
To be amazed, engrossed and blessed--
for some, too long it's been!

Too easy be it to get caught up in the duties that are, the drama that is, and the speed of life that we neglect sacred moments of simplicity.  Do your best to not ignore such, however hectic daily life may be!


Monday, June 1, 2020


So many things have been revealed by us/in us/through us in recent times, and not all of it has been good.  What do you truly want to be seen in you?

Regardless of events, The Truth remains.
The world--it is experiencing pains!
We have emotions, each of us, one and all,
and, into the gamut of them do we fall.
Do we, therefore. avoid the ones we fear?
No!  We can FACE THEM knowing Christ is near!
Him Who is all, over and above,
is constantly surrounding us with love!
The settled truth is: Love will ALWAYS be.
O let Him gird and guide us constantly.
In solace or in unrest He will guard;
your character--it does not have to be scarred!

Truth--it does not fluctuate or wane.

It's complicated, while being yet so plain!
Anxiety cannot affect its way,
and 'protest' will not, yet more truth, convey.
"Violence as solution?"  Surely not!
For Truth, the final word, has surely got.
Truth is JESUS CHRIST--The Living Word--
in Himself has everything occurred.
So, in Him, ALL solutions may we find;
they that see Him not are sorely blind!

Truth--He is forever, He is life!

He is our escort THROUGH whatever strife!
He is our Joy inside a world unsound,
and in His Word, alone, such truth be found!

People seeking truth...people wanting truth...people DEMANDING truth...Some genuinely seek it, others just want something to do.  BUT GOD wants us to have Truth alive inside of us and live by His lead!  What is it that YOU want?