Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wonderful affirmations!

With 'life' happening the way it is, with so much uncertainty in the world, it is so refreshing and restorative to stand in the face of it with affirmations that will NEVER change!

He is holy!  He is perfect!

He is high above!
He is aware of everything,
and He is filled with love!
Though wary and concerned, He's 
empathetic to each state;
Father God--so wonderful,
so glorious, so great!
All that happens everywhere,
naught escapes His sight!
Abandon us He NEVER will,
for we are His delight!
He has THE plan for every day
throughout eternity!
Loving has He been, and loving
He will ever be!

Father God--protective of

His family--loved so!
O call upon Him!  Know His Son
and, oh, His fulness know!
And then to know Him newer with
each mercy, on and on...
Into His fulness cast yourself--
for God will NEVER be gone! 

So loving, perfect and affirming be the love of God!  And it is freely dispensed to any and to all!  You don't even have to ask Him, but He is always ready with open arms if you do!


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