Saturday, May 23, 2020

We're Almost There!

The end of one more day.  A very busy day...and you're feeling it.  Don't give up!  There is strength without limit if you ask Him for it, and great is our reward just on ahead...

The boundless blue above to catch my vision
causes me to ponder furthermore;
unto That Place He said would be called "Heaven"
where He lives and has only perfect things in store!
He reminds me of it often as assurance
that, someday soon, all trials, they will end
and we will live with Him in peace forever!
O see it with me, won't you, precious friend?
No matter how we have it in this lifetime:
the great...the good...the bad...the terrifying...
He has promised recompense that's perfect,
and His nature, it prevents Him from all lying!

O catch that vision with me and press onward!

Do your best, and do it in His Name!
He is rooting for you each step upon The Narrow!
A place in Heaven, if you're His, you'll claim!

Onward.  Boldly.  Through celebration or through crisis, keep pressing on with Jesus in your heart!  We're almost there, and it is worth it all!


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