Sunday, May 3, 2020

We CAN do!

Life has recently forced our hand at deciding between 'necessity' and 'convenience.'  'Luxury' has briefly faded slightly, and rightly so.  That does not mean, however, that we are without.  It has merely caused a shift in vision and priority.

We cannot go and buy the things

that, freely, we used to;
we cannot even go relax
the way we used to do;
'You can't do can do that...'
by orderings of man,
but very few be focusing 
on what we HAVE and CAN:
We can go out and behold 
the workings of His hands,
see the mighty wonderments
God makes across the lands!
We CAN enjoy the ones we love,
we CAN enjoy The Lord,
we CAN pick up the phone and contact
someone we've adored;
and we CAN enjoy the peace that God
provides--for naught can touch!
We can savor His assurance through
His voice, His Word, His clutch!
His love for such as we outweighs
the limits of the day;
and His face tells us the days that are,
they will not be for aye!
Find comfort, therefore, knowing life
goes on...adjustments made.
His awareness hasn't left,
it did not even fade.
And we WILL arrive, victorious,
when HE says it is time.
Keep pressing on--though you can't 
see reason or see rhyme!

"To everything there is a season..."  Written so long ago, alive unto this day.  Cling to the truths that cannot be shaken or disrupted by ANYTHING, not even a virus!


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