Friday, May 8, 2020


A glorious new morning.  A far cry from what the forecast said last evening.  Praise God!

The weather came and went...

much energy was spent...
so much less damage done
than thought by anyone.
The aftermath to hold
landscapes so bright and bold!
And God stands next to me
before such brilliancy!

With all the busyness,

the wonder and the mess,
this time--essential so
for everyone to know!
As life, it varies much
with duties, deeds and such;
how many can just pause
to behold the 'oohs' and 'ahhs?'

For God provides this time.

To Him, it is most prime!
Despite life's storms and pains,
great life He contains
and avails to one and all
who, faithfully, would call!
Yea, the weather, so unstable;
BUT GOD is ever-able!

Yes, storms WILL come and go, but God remains constant.  Yes, the storms will come, and damage may be sustained, but new life is always the result.  Sometimes, it just takes effort to behold.


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