Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Person and the Place

Sanity.  When will it return?
So oft I look around and wonder, only to realize that folks probably look at me and wonder the same thing!
Oh, but I know a Person and a Place where it exists, and He allows me access at all hours!

There is a Place where everything makes sense,

and only ME, access to such, prevents!
The arms of God receptive are always,
even in these times and in these days!
The world may have me for so many hours,
(the very same, such precious time, devours!)
BUT GOD, invites me always to His place
where there exists a different life and pace!
Who can word the way it is with Him?
The folks who know His Presence--just ask them!
It makes no sense at all to those without,
oh, but it is everything to them that be devout!

Yes, there is a Place above life's insanity.

He created it especially for such as we!
Go there often daily, and take a friend!
It is an essential part of life until the end.

The Secret Place.  It is known to those who belong to Him, but it is NOT meant to be kept secret!  The entire world needs to know about it, and it can only be explained by those who have been there!


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