Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Heroic

The other day, I  wrote about "Looking for the Hero."  Of course it was for all of those who sacrificially served this great country.  However, on an 'everyday' level, where do we look?  God has them strategically placed...

Looking for the hero--

no effort does it take!
They are everywhere about us;
but time we have to make
to recognize their actions,
(though they do not seek acclaim,)
we recognize them not enough,
though we know them by name!
That gentleman that helped you change
the tire just last week;
you offered compensation,
he refused it being meek...
that nurse that offered you embrace
as you received THAT news...
your favorite places where you shop
and all of their crews...
that man behind the pulpit...
those folks who run the tests...
that person on the phone that's fielding
everyone's requests...

Looking for the hero?

Just open up your eyes!
There are so many, and more close
than you can realize!

The heroic.  It is not always 'super-human!'  God places them in, around and all about you.  Appreciate them accordingly.  You may even be one of them!


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