Friday, May 29, 2020

That Time and Place!

Once again, the end of a busy day.  Upon arriving home, I see that God has a special place prepared for some special time with only Him...

There is a special place You have created.
You lit it up, Lord, with the setting sun!
Illuminating all the limbs and branches,
unto this sanctuary, Lord, I run!
There is silence in this place that You created,
(save the nature sounds that never end;)
I recline here in this blessed sanctuary
and take no thought unto when its time may end.

This place--it is a necessity for all people.

How many, though, slow down enough to find?
Lord You are always present and awaiting;
but the speed of life makes many people blind!
Thank You that I have found the time to find it,
and I pray that many more will find it too!
It is so necessary in the days we live in:
this perfect, pleasant, refreshing rendezvous!

No matter what time of day your 'evening' happens,--that time when you finish up, sit back and take a breath--do not neglect it!  God created it for you to relax, refresh and savor His Presence.  He is ALWAYS waiting there!


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