Wednesday, May 13, 2020


People.  Hearts.  Disasters.  Pandemics. 
Why is it that 'emergencies' seem to bring out the best (and the worst) in us?  'From a distance,' I have seen more acts of kindness happen during COVID-19 than I have in years!  (Along with hoarding toilet paper!)  Seriously, why does it take 'disaster' for hearts to kick into gear?

My brother is in trouble,

but what can this man do?
I know exactly what he needs,
and I know what to do.
But will I let the 'glances' hinder?
Will I shun his need?
I be not quite a man if I
let ANYTHING impede!!
If I cannot provide, I know
the ones who probably can.
Because he asks for help makes him
not any less a man!
And even if he doesn't ask
Holy Spirit tells my heart!
And if I thus ignore HIM--
utter failure on MY part!

My brother needs assistance

and, though he may be proud,
the whisper to my heart becomes
increasingly more loud!
I CAN take care of this because
of GOD'S ability,
because He is so trustworthy 
in taking care of me!

In the days that are, we do not have to look far to find someone that is needing, that is hurting.  God provides.  And whatever we expend to another God will increase that and return it to us!  It is a principle that is as old as time itself, and it never fails!


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