Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day, 2020

Precious and priceless are the memories of mom!  As some celebrate with their mothers today, others of us celebrate with the memories of her.  Memories that ALWAYS bring a smile!

How many are there knowing of

my mother and her love?
With certainty I can declare
that there are PLENTY of!
Walking halls of memory
many volumes would provide
but this day would the writer focus
on one only side:
We NEVER went without a meal
that she produced by heart!
Though picky I, a variety
of meals did she impart!
Regardless of the budget or
whatever daddy's wage,
she turned it into satisfaction
to the final page!
And in those latter days of life
us kids busy with success, 
she found so many other folks
to cook for and to bless! crews...
strangers stopping by,
all benefitted from her gifts:
appetites to satisfy!

I thank God for a mother that

was absent not at all,
but, loving, generous, concerned
about any that would call!
She is still very missed by us
and others in this place!
"Thank You, God, for crafting my mom
with Your wondrous grace!"

God is so good.  He gave mothers to as gifts and blessings to appreciate and to love us...and for us to return the same.  Some of us have mothers that are this, others have motherly figures that do the same.  They are all appreciated this day and every day!


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