Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day, 2020

Just another Monday?  To some, it would seem that way.  But to many families it is a hallowed day.  May we NEVER forget why!

Looking for the hero...he is not here...

looking for the heroine...she is not here...
then I look at all the freedoms that I enjoy,
and recall when, those not here, they did deploy.
All the celebrations that we know as 'holiday,'
seems to slight those who assured such 'gala' in their day!
Let us not forget their homage as we fest.
Because of them, in this land we are but a 'guest.'
BUT GOD, He has their honor settled so.
And though we may be careless to bestow,
His recognition is worth so much more--
those on land, in air, at sea or on the shore!
We are grateful, so, for them that gave their all
answering unto great nation's call!
And we bow, if even momentarily, for each one
with honor and appreciation for all that they have done!

As we end this Memorial Day, let us not forget what it's all about, WHO this day is for.  Thank God for America, our freedoms, and those who gave their all to obtain and preserve the lifestyle we enjoy.


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