Sunday, May 17, 2020


The days that are have caused some of the most free to realize that there are limitations.  A lot of folks don't want to hear that, but so are the times we are in...

To live above the limitations--

it's possible, you know!
For God, He is alive in you,
so, past them, you can go!
He knows your capabilities,
and He improves the same;
regardless of the situation,
there is victory to claim!

No matter how bad things appear

HE has another view!
He sees it everywhere you are
and wants the best for you!
He even sees 'impossible'
as 'opportunity!'
Follow His lead every step,
victorious you'll be!

'Living as He purposed,' we

can do but all the day!
He'll never give us more than we
can handle--that's HIS way!
Regardless what is happening,
He blesses and rewards;
the very best, to them that ask,
He liberally affords!

'The God Who freely gives;'

with Him this writer lives;
His heart this person knows--
prosperity thus grows!

God gives.  That's His nature.  There is so much going on in life right now that no one understands.  There are, however, things that go on that we CAN understand, and God is the One Who gives them!  Seek those wonderful things!


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