Sunday, May 24, 2020

Let Nothing Hinder

In the day and age we're in, it seems that every deed done from the heart is being met with scrutiny by someone.  Let such NOT hinder us from well-doing!

"I saw you helping him as 

everybody else passed by;
you didn't seem to care about the smell,
or the scoffer's eye...

I saw you giving her a ride

as it began to rain;
you gave no thought to distance, nor
considered it a pain...

I saw you hand that person money

as you stood in line;
you didn't seek their income, but
you sensed that things weren't 'fine...'

I saw you talking with that lady

that was all alone;
you didn't care what others thought,
to YOUR heart she was known!"

So many actions happening

unnoticed yet by most.
Too many be too quick to judge,
just glancing as they go!
But 'ministry' is real, and it
is noticed by God's sight!
O weary not in doing well--
such works are only right!

And those works are constantly before us, just waiting to be done!  Whoever you are, wherever you are in your day, there is someone in need of something more than money can buy, and YOU possess that 'something' if you belong to God!  Share it freely.  He has endless supply!  Share it without hesitation, and let God take care of the scoffers!!


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