Monday, May 25, 2020

Just Listen

It sounds simple enough.  But is it?  Many folks wonder how and why I keep writing and sending messages.  This might help...

Words that would encourage...

verses that uplift...
once again, I wait for Him
to bless me with a gift.
He meets me at this keyboard
every time I seek His face,
and causes word and verse to flow
'bout mercy, love and grace!
Jesus Christ, so faithful
to fill in every line!
He speaks to me when all things are
or all things are not fine.
He always has a word so fitting
for the days that be,
making sure I get the point
across so fittingly!
And those who praise this man for all
the words that, from me, brim,
be it known they are not mine,
they are on loan from Him!
I only must avail myself
and listen for His voice,
THEN to follow words and verses
that some deem as 'choice!'

So fortunate be them that hear

that Voice that never ends!
And blessed are they that share those words
with family and friends!
For each of us have need of that
sweet message from on high;
keep the heart thus open and
to YOU He will reply!

It sounds simple.  It is, really...IF you make the time to listen.  Therein lies the challenge for most.  Life gets so busy that even THIS man misses it sometimes.  BUT GOD is faithful.  Just Listen.


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