Saturday, May 30, 2020


So much pent-up rage.  Once again, the enemy rears his ugly head!  Once again, 'ungodly' traditions from the past try to take root, rob, steal and destroy.
BUT GOD is greater!  God is more!  And God will see to it that justice WILL BE done HIS way...when the time is right.

O calm down, ye stress within me;

relax and take a breath.
The answer is not violence,
the answer is not death!
No good will come by way of wrath,
destruction or abuse;
such means are very meaningless,
so vapid and obtuse!
Though reasoning may not be found
for that which has been done,
vengeance--it is yet reserved
for One and only One!
For GOD, He will dole recompense
in His Own time and place;
though we can't fathom, we must yet
press on in peace and grace.

What has been done is shameless,

and words cannot suffice!
And verses cannot even approach
the magnitude of price!
But fellow man, we're all the same!
HIS image be we all!
None be greater, none be less...
o can't we hear That Call?

Our hearts go out to all of those who have/are suffered damage from the events of the past few days.  So have been receiving it for years.  What are words in a time like this?  God help us.


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