Tuesday, May 5, 2020

HIS Restoration!

We all have a job to do.  Most of us did it as best as we could, and now we feel it!  BUT GOD does not leave us or forsake us, and He comes once again to this man...

"When strength is absent from this man

You're present with Your Own;
when life events has drained and strained,
Your grace becomes so known!
Behind Your shield, I rest from all
that's happening around;
You keep me stable, strengthen me
and see that I am sound!

The days that are be yet a season

we must ALL go through.
With YOUR abilities, we do
that which we never could!
You see it all.  You know the end
from the beginning, Jesus Lord,
thus, unto them that seek Your face,
great strength do You afford!

No way to face the days that are

save in Your mighty hand!
You are victorious regardless that
which goes on in the land!
And we be victors in You as,
upon Your Word we stand!
So do we as we cry out 
'COME QUICKLY...' as You command!"

Day is done yet once again.  There is no way I could have completed it without the strength of God inside of me and His fortitude cheering me on!  Though I am feeling the effects of the day, the feeling and knowledge of His Presence is far greater, AND HE WILL RESTORE!


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