Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Glorious Reward!

Once again, so busy was the day.  But having accomplished it, God has a glorious reward awaiting...

Sunset casting shadows on the evening...

they lengthen as the moments slowly pass;
looking back on victories accomplished,
praises to Creator God amass!
He joins me as I gaze across creation,
and we converse about this glorious day!
Whatever I have witnessed through the hours,
He always knows exactly what to say.

The colors seem to change with every moment

as we visit out here on the porch;
and in the conversation we're enjoying,
He restrengthens me to carry on the torch.
For He knows the trials and stress the day's exacting,
and He knows exactly what each person needs;
so blessed are they that set this time out for Him,
yes, so blessed, the one, His Holy Spirit, heeds!

This time aside for God.  Some think it it be optional, I say it be an absolute necessity...WHATEVER the days be like!  For it is time that is redeemable, and He will certainly honor it!


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