Saturday, May 9, 2020

Down at the River

While others hold their fishing poles, I hold my pen--ready, set and willing to capture the message that He is so faithful to give.  See it with me...

The current be so rapid as
the breeze picks up a bit;
though multicolored be the sky,
each tree is brightly lit!
Though silence is, so many songs
are wafting through the air
from many colors on the wing--
no artist may compare!

The solitude...the silence...

the symphony of life--
all used by God Creator to
alleviate the strife!
He knew of the necessity
of such a time as this;
and He prefers, this time so prime,
we do not ever miss!

The current and the level, they

have yet to fluctuate;
the glory of His Presence, too,
remains so very great!
What sweet escape and respite from
the norm of 'everyday'
without cost, beyond all price,
from Him Who makes a way!

The times and seasons that are require each of us to set aside a time to get away to where nothing else is... save His glorious creation!  Find that place often in YOUR life, lest life itself overwhelms you!


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