Monday, May 4, 2020

Do your best!

Day is done...for most of us.  We did all that we could considering the circumstances, and we must trust and leave the outcome to Him.  Can you do that?  Can you honestly 'rest?'

I did what I could do
but all the whole day through.
The hours now are passed,
now, fellowship at last!
Just Jesus Christ and I
beneath uncertain sky;
it's necessary time--
moments, o so prime!

Yes, the working hours went their way.

One more complicated, busy day.
BUT GOD now offers me retreat--
sweet rest and peace here at his feet.
It is a place that ALL folks need,
but it's a call not many heed!
It is a grand and glorious place,
sometimes simple, but always grace!

You have a calling, as do I.

We do our best, (at least we try.)
And HE sees to it we succeed!
And 'rest' is not a 'want,' it's NEED!
See to it that you get that rest
so that you can be at your best
for that which He has called you for;
'success' will happen all the more!

Do all that you can as best as you can with all that you can...AND GOD WILL DO THE REST!  I promise you!  It is a process that He ordered before time began, and it has yet to fail!


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