Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cry of the heart!

The end of another day.  All the while, the settled heart to cry out

"Come, o come,  ye Glorious,

so great and mighty, too!
O Jesus, we seek Your return--
all things become anew!
We press on, o but weary, as 
we seek that Promised Day
that You will split the skies and take
Your very Own away!

Your dwelling, for it be a Place

no illness can approach!
No sin of any kind can there
be present or approach!
Only that perfection that
You promised in Your Word
will be there in that Perfect Place
when Rapture is occurred!!

We long for such as we press on, Lord,

clinging to Your vows!
Until That Day we live THIS life
with all that it allows
KNOWING perfect Paradise
and YOU are just ahead!
'Even so, come quickly...'
dedicated hearts have pled!"

One day closer.  From glory to glory we press on toward That Promise that is standing yet!  Don't give up, my friend, we are one day closer!


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