Saturday, May 16, 2020


Life has changed of late in so many ways.  Ways that some of us could NEVER have imagined!  One thing has NOT changed, however, and He is STILL in control!

The glory and the majesty--
the same, so far outweigh
the trials and tribulations we
encounter in the day!
His very Presence be that refuge
needed so by all,
and He avails it freely--
all you have to do is call!

"Your arms, oh Lord, how can a word

so aptly capture such?!
You are so glorious and, yet,
You offer us Your touch!
You hold...You lead us in
the way that we should go;
so far as, our last destination,
You already know!
For You have prepared a perfect place
for all men to reside!
If we shall trust You and obey,
we shall not be denied!

The glory and the majesty

to One, alone, belong;
And all throughout the day we hear
the echoes of Your song
wafting through whatever life
may be casting our way.
We hear...we follow and we serve You
throughout EVERY day!"

The days that are so vary for each and all of us.  The challenges of each day differ for all of us.  There is but ONE constant: Jesus Christ.  Love Him.  Hate Him.  Deny Him.  He remains real, constant and available for That Refuge each of us needs.


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