Sunday, May 31, 2020

Can't we 'advance?'

Looking back upon the past few months.   Reflecting upon how life has been affected by issues and events.  Has being 'restricted' in some ways caused some to revolt, or are these just old issues being handled by the 'same old...same old...?'  It's bad enough that the whole world is in a pandemic, but must such an ancient 'issue' rear it's ugly head once more?!

Must we use teardrops to put out the fires
that flare-up over such unknown desires?
Will anger ever manufacture peace?
How can such pent-up rage find TRUE release?
But why have we developed outrage
if we are, with Christ daily, to engage?
For He is still and always Prince of Peace,
and, with Him in our hearts, said rage SHOULD cease!

No good comes as we damage and destroy.

For greater tools He gives us to employ
when we encounter that which is not right,
and entrusting it to Him WILL win the fight!
May we be secure to focus on the facts,
and rebuke the DESIRE to do such violent acts!
Address the 'issue' prevalent to the day,
and avoid the circus that's resulting from the fray!
Address that so engrained within the heart--
for only then can Heaven's healing start!
Only then can every one of us get along;
only then can there be harmony in The Song!

Black, red, green, yellow, doesn't matter.  God made every one of us, and He made not one of us superior to the other!  He made the spectrum to be beautiful and harmonious.  May we each live in such a way!


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