Friday, May 15, 2020

Be there for it!

Outreach.  Ministry.  Service.  God has a myriad of ways to get you involved...IF you are willing.  But what will it look like?

How humbling to help someone 

you do not even know?
To do the very same, but say,
to what lengths would one go?
'But who IS my neighbor?' 
'Tis a query oh so old;
the answer to the same--but who
could count how many told?

"Sir, can you help me tie this hook

onto my fishing line?"
The very same to turn to an 
appointment so divine!
"Can you direct me, sir, on how
to get to Dry Run Creek?"
And in the conversation comes
such opportune unique!

So very simple be such contact,

often without thought;
with each such opportunity
all glory God has got!
Avail yourself with abandon,
know His glory touch!
Healing, growth and blessing--they
all emanate from such!

In this day and age of apprehension and evil there are certainly opportunities to reach out and 'minister.'  'Ministry' does not always mean standing behind a pulpit or a collar and delivering what God puts on your heart.  Sometimes, it walks right up to you with the most simple of requests!  Be there for it!  It is greatly rewarding, and GOD gets all the glory!


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