Monday, May 18, 2020

As the day unfolds

God is so good!  I declare this as I set about to do that which He has called me to do in these days...these days that seem to bring out the best (and worst) in all of us!  Before I go, I sit on the porch and watch...

The mighty oaks are dancing in

the early morning breeze,
reminding me to start the day
with His provided ease.
It comes from Him Who has all things
inside His mighty palm;
His peace is past explaining,
His love is soothing calm!
And the day, itself, already it
is ordered and ordained.
He knew from the beginning
everything that it contained.
And He made provision, made
exception and provided;
I must only follow that still,
small voice by which I'm guided!
For this day, it will contain the best
and worst in everyone;
we must but keep our focus forward
on His only Son!
Enjoy the blessings, do not let
those distractions hinder;
and the trials that may come, we may
mark "Return to sender!"

The mighty oaks are dancing--we

are called to do the same!
For victory, above the stresses,
we may freely claim!
More so to enjoy the gifts
out of His very hand;
just like this early-morning breeze
that none may understand!

Life gets more and more complicated...things arise daily to test us and attempt to stress us...BUT GOD provides what we need to prosper through them, and even enjoy the surroundings.  Again, GOD IS SO GOOD!


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